Money Vintage Board Easy Game 3b6f4isdr6591-Vintage Manufacture

Daily The Historical Expression of Chinese Art exhibition Explore calligraphy and paintings from the National Museum of China.
Daily Painting on Country See stunning large-format photographs of rock art on country from Tjungu Palya artists.
Daily The Studio: Collections Up Close Take a closer look at eight of the Museum’s most interesting and significant objects.
Money Vintage Board Easy Game 3b6f4isdr6591-Vintage Manufacture

Warhammer 40k Eldar Aeldari GUARDIANS x14 & Weapon Platform Painted

Napoleon I - His Life, History, & Character in a Nutshell by Victor von Kubinyi

Our collection

At the heart of the National Museum of Australia is our National Historical Collection, more than 210,000 objects which represent Australia’s history and cultural heritage.

Warhammer 40k Codex Space Marines

Discover the mysteries surrounding the 1948 Daimler landaulette, used in Queen Elizabeth II’s debut royal tour of Australia.

    Learn about a moving convict memento, as featured in a new partnership with Visit Canberra and Schwartz Media.

    Space marine terminator squad- Extra Bits And Conversions

    The Museum recently launched its first Defining Moments in Australian History quiz and the results have prompted us to develop more.

    See the Sundowner car driven by adventurer Francis Birtles on record-breaking journeys from London to Melbourne Darwin to Melbourne in the 1920s.

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